Sebastian Sosa

I am a junior researcher at the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert CURIEN (IPHC) in the Ecology Physiology and Ethologie (EPE) department, Strasbourg, France.
I study animal societies and more specifically the underlying mechanisms that allow the emergence of a specific social structure and its adaptive structural properties.
How individuals interact between each other? How a society is structured to face challenges induced by natural selection (group cohesion, hierarchical structure, etc.)? These are some of the questions currently considered through multilevel and multi-methodological analyses (social networking and referential statistics) to understand the structural processes in animal societies, the ecological and evolutionary consequences over the structures themselves and their emerging characteristics.

MEE & JAE Joint Special Feature on Animal Social Networks

In collaboration with Dr. David Jacoby, Prof. Mathieu Lihoreau and Prof. Cédric Sueur. The special issue ‘Animal Social Networks’ in the journals Methods in Ecology and Evolution and Journal of Animal Ecology.

Animal Network Toolkit Software (ANTs)

Free open R package for animal social network analysis

Springer : Social Network Analysis

In press, a book chapter on social network analysis in animal research in the Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior of the editor Springer

Special issue in Primates

In collaboration with Prof. Cédric Sueur and Dr. Ivan Puga-Gonzalez. The special issue ‘Social networks analysis in primates, a multilevel perspective’ in the journal Primates.

Symposium Social Network Analysis in life science Sunbelt 2018

Dr. William Hoppitt, Prof. Mathieu Lihoreau and Prof. Cédric Sueur and I are organizing a symposium at the XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference in Utrecht, June 26-July 1, 2018 .

My curriculum vitae